Your Virtual Business Card : Optimizing Your OPP Website for Mobile Devices

As an Artist, being able to display your work while you're on the go is important. When you are out and about and wish to share your work, your OPP site can serve as your virtual business card.

To ensure that the work on your OPP site is viewable on mobile devices, be sure that:

  • You are using a Template for your site, and not a Flash Skin
    • FYI -- you'll only see the Flash skins as an option in your Control Panel if you've been using one for a long time. If you don't see this option, don't worry --- this means you're using the mobile-friendly Templates!
  • Your 'Image Settings' are set to 'Shared (HTML)', not 'Protected (Flash)'
  • Your 'Zoom Image Settings' are set to 'Shared (HTML)'

You can now display your work on anyone's mobile phone or device -- instant access to your work. Big deal, you say? You can now...

  • Have coffee with a writer who's anxious to blog about your work (press! yes!) and show them your work on your mobile device
  • Share your body of work with others during studio visits, or with fellow residents while at an art residency
  • Present your work while networking at art fairs, conventions, and conferences
  • Meet with a potential collector and make a sale

Worried about your work being stolen, because you won't be using our 'Protected (Flash)' settings? We'll address those concerns in an upcoming post. Stay Tuned!