Scammers, Passwords and Bears, Oh My!

Summer is in full swing! Everything comes alive during the summer -- unfortunately, not all of it good. Before we all go running off carefree into the woods and sun, let's take a moment to remember what to beware of.

First, off -- Scammers.

Scammers are always lurking out there. They possess cockroach-like hardiness, and are ever-present, unfortunately. Be especially aware when someone is contacting you about purchasing your work, as this is a common way to scam artists. (We incredibly unethical to be targeting artists?! Go scam corporations instead, you jerks!)

Please see this great resource, and also see our earlier post as well. Remember to follow your instincts, and never, ever agree to send a check "for overpayment" as part of a sale.

Next up, Passwords. We all know how crazy the heat can make some people -- especially lately, with these record breaking temperatures.

Always, always keep your password under lock and key! As with all of your important accounts -- it's not generally a good idea to share your password with anyone. Also, be sure to change your password regularly. You can find our password requirements here. If you do share your password with anyone, remember that you are handing over your website, carte blanche -- and they will be able to do and change anything and everything in your account. Not a good thing if you and your formerly trusted friend part ways.

And last but not least, Bears. You never know when you'll run into one. Brush up on these tips so that you'll be prepared.

Be safe but have fun out there, OPP-ers!