Out with the Old, and in with the New...Reorder your Nav Sections & Links!

Hi OPP-ers!

With the New Year, comes new...Copyright Dates! Please check out our post last year if you’re having trouble updating your Copyright.

Remember that the system will automatically update your Copyright to include 2013 if you add new work to your site in 2013! So get crackin’!

That’s the old news -- let’s move on to new news.

Notice anything New about your Control Panel lately?

We’ve redesigned the ‘Nav Section Labels’ and ‘Nav Section Links’ areas and merged them into one big, awesome section entitled ‘Create and Reorder Labels & Links’. That’s right, you now have the ability to control the order of your website Sections!

Let’s start with some background information. You continue to have five default sections:
  • Artwork
  • News
  • Links
  • Contact Page
  • PDF Page

You also continue to have the option of having up to six Nav Section Links. These Nav Section Links can be links to anything you’d like -- to an announcement about a new show, press about your work, to your blog, or even to an image or folder in your Artwork section.

You can view all of your website Sections and Nav Section Links in the ‘Create and Reorder Labels & Links’ area of your Control Panel.

Moving the sections around is really easy -- just drag & drop each section to the order you want them to be in, and then click Update at the bottom of the screen.

You can also take advantage of the Nav Section Links. Please note that using the Nav Section Links does not create a new section on your site. It simply allows you to link to something else -- including parts of your own site.

Let’s say you want to link directly to a folder in your Artwork section or to an image in your Artwork section, from your Home Page. Simply view your folder or image as a visitor would, and copy the URL that is displaying in your browser window when you are viewing that page.

Then, paste that URL in the ‘URL/Link’ area of your choice. You can also name the link by placing a label in the ‘Nav Link Name’ section.

The image or folder you are linking to in your Artwork section must continue to exist in your Artwork section, and cannot be removed from that area or hidden.

Till next time OPP-ers!