Happy Solstice from OtherPeoplesPixels!

The OPPblog will be off-the-grid for the next two weeks, celebrating the Winter Solstice! (We've also heard that there are some other holidays around this time of year?)

Oh, Solstice Time! Break out the grog, the nog and the fleecy slippers! Put those oldies & goodies on the Hi-Fi! Bring on the rainbow-colored auroras, unicorns pulling chariots made of icicles, and polar bears having tea parties beneath snow-covered pines! Oh Solstice, the most joyful time of the year!

What's in the mix for OPP's holiday? The OPP Fund will be giving it's annual grants to social justice, environmental justice and arts organizations. You can see the past years' recipients, here.

If you have an OtherPeoplesPixels website, OPP is also excited to give you a holiday gift!

You put it on your wish list & you got it: You can now add Facebook 'like' buttons and/or Google +1 buttons to any page with a text box.

As you know, Special Formatting is OPP's easy way to add things like bold formatting or live links to text on your website. You now have two new options, which you can always be reminded of by expanding the Special Formatting section below each text box.

[like]  <--- creates a Facebook 'like' button for the page
[g+]   <--- creates a Google +1 button for the page

All you need to do is type these exactly as you see above, where you want the button to be placed. There's no need to add any links or other text -- OPP makes it easy for you! We think these buttons tend to look best at the very top or bottom of your text, though you can insert them anywhere you like.

If a viewer clicks one of these buttons, they will 'like' or +1 the artwork and text on the page where you created the button -- causing it to show up on their Facebook or Google+ profile. This means people can now easily share and promote your artwork through the magic of social media! Oh joy!

And in your Solstice stocking, there's a little something extra: Your Contact Page can now have neato clickable badges that link to your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn! Go check 'em out!

Wishing you all warm holidays (whatever they may be), and be sure to tune back in in 2012 for more amaaaaaazing Featured Artists.

Happy Solstice!
- The OPP Unicorn Groomer & Hoof-trimmers Union