Black-out your OPP website tomorrow in solidarity with the protest against SOPA/PIPA

***UPDATE: Once you've blacked-out your site, post it to OPP's Facebook page under the black-out thread***

Tomorrow, January 18th, many companies across the Internet, such as Wikipedia, will be "blacking-out" their websites to protest two pieces of legislation, which if passed, could have devestating consequences for online freedom.

You can read more about the protest, the proposed bills, and take action at

If you have an OPP website and want to participate in the protest, here are simple steps you can take to black-out your OPP website tomorrow.  

(Remember to change your website back to the way it was on the 19th -- and that keeping track of and making the changes is up to you. We suggest you make a note of your current settings: font names, template names, color number etc. If you choose to participate, we applaud you!)


1. Download the image below and post it as your Home Page image or feel free to make and upload your own protest image.

2.  Go to 'Appearance' ---> 'Template' and click on the 'Black' tag. Change your Template to any of these black templates.

3. Go to 'Appearance' ---> 'Background Color/Pattern' and using the color-picker choose black for your Background.

Optional: You can also change your Title and Navigation, and Body Font colors to black to prevent people from being able to access your content.


Thank you for helping to protect freedom on the Internet!