These OPP Featured Artists are prolific Instagram posters

Need some good art in your Instagram feed? These Featured Artists are constantly gracing my Instagram feed with new and GOOD work. How do they do it?

If you don't follow them, you should. Oh, and you should also follow OPP @otherpeoplespixels. We post a new work of art everyday by an artist who uses an OPP website. And we seek to boost the signals of OPP artists by reposting when they share new work, exhibitions and work-in-progress. Don't forget to tag us, so we can see what you are up to.

HADLEY RADT@hadleyradtLink to interview

GARRY NOLAND@garry.noland Link to interview

ERIN M. RILEY@erinmrileyLink to interview

CHARLES E. ROBERTS III@charleseroberts3—Soon to be interviewed

SELINA TREPP@selinatreppLink to interview

JENNIFER LING DATCHUK@jenniferlingdatchukLink to interview

JOHANA MOSCOSO@johanamoscosoLink to interview