NewThing Is Coming. . .

You're going to love it. It's a set of super-modern new Layouts and features for your OPP website. Of course, because OPP ♥s artists, you'll get everything NewThing has to offer completely free and with no need to re-upload a thing. NewThing offers four gorgeous, new full-screen Layouts, so your viewer's experience of your artwork is dynamic, visually-driven and easy to navigate. Please visit our Featured Artists' websites to see the new layouts in action.

Layout A

A minimal, centered layout with horizontal navigation. Artwork is arranged in full-image, brick-style rows. It's great for artwork that looks good in a collection, especially when you have installation shots alongside details.

Layout B

A classic style with vertical navigation in clear sections on the left. Artwork is displayed in masonry columns, which looks fantastic if images from a particular project are a variety of sizes.

Layout C

Called "the Editorial," it sports horizontal, scrolling for gliding through artwork, alongside vertical, centered navigation. This layout is ideal when sequential relationships between images are paramount.

Layout D

Another classy style with vertical navigation on the left that shows two levels of nested galleries. Artwork scrolls vertically, so this is a great alternative to Layout B's masonry columns.

Mobile-friendly and Responsive!

NewThing is also super mobile-friendly and responsive, meaning that images will automatically resize to fit the screen it is being viewed on, whether it's a huge desktop monitor, a laptop, an ipad or a smartphone.

Be sure to resize the browser window to see how the image rearrange themselves.

Can't wait for NewThing? Neither can we!
We're working as hard as we can to sort out the last kinks with our lovely Alpha-testers. . . and guess what comes after Alpha? Beta! And that means that testing NewThing will soon be open to EVERYONE on OPP! If you want to be a Beta-tester, you'll be getting an email soon, but you can also email Customer Support and tell them you'd like to be first on the list!
4 responses
exciting...can't wait
Bring it. I'm computer impaired sometimes, so I'd be willing to test for useability.
I am eager to see "New Thing"
Hi Diana. NewThing has been available for everyone on OPP to try for a little while now. Log into your Control Panel and click the NewThing banner to try it out. It's super easy and people have been loving the new look!